Winner In Peace :)

E : Employee often will respond to the fear of not having enough $ by seeking security Their bosses control their pay and working hours. Their pay was taxed. Downsizing. Retrenchment. Pay Cut. These subjected them to great vulnerabilities

S : Self -employed responds to the fear by taking control of the situation and by doing things on their own. They are hesitant to hire and train other people because once trained they often end up as their competition. This, in turn keeps them working harder and doing things on their own. Once they stop work, they stop earning. If their business slow down, they have to work harder to get it going. If their business progress quickly, they also have to work even harder to deal with greater customer demands. Successful S people are often rich with no time

B : Business owner like to be surrounded by smart pple from all 4 categories. They like to delegate as their attitude is, “why do yourself when you can hire someone to do it for you, and they can do it better?” they own a system not a job. If they stop working, the money still comes in. successful B has system and the ability to lead pple. You can make a better burger than macdonald but u can’t sell as well as them because you don’t have their successful system to serve billions of burgers worldwide! Remember B don’t need $ to make $. They use their system and pple in the system to make passive $.

I : investors make $ work for them to earn more $. Basically they are rich to start with. True investor make more $ in bad markets.


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